Internet Sales Policy

We have noticed that over the years there are more and more internet based sellers of wood flooring products and that many are not authorized to sell our family of branded wood products. If a warranty for our products from us is important to you, the consumer, then we ask you to consider that if you ever need to file a warranty claim your authorized dealer will need to inspect the installed flooring to certify that it is our product and that the product was installed properly.

If you see an internet price that is significantly less than what your authorized dealer is offering, then you may be buying counterfeit products or “second” grade materials. Please be careful when purchasing wood products over the internet. When you visit an authorized dealer you can see and touch the product. Your authorized dealer has a great deal of information to share with you about the floor, and will discuss with you differences in flooring options on how to install and maintain the product.

If you have questions about our Internet Sales Policy, please visit our Contact Us section.